sin 七つの大罪 X-TASY (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

sin X-TASY ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

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sin 七つの大罪 X-TASY Mod Apk Role Playing Game Information

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sin 七つの大罪 X-TASY Mod Apk
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sin 七つの大罪 X-TASY Mod Apk Description: あのアニメ《sin七つの大罪》がいよいよスマホゲームになりました!




Unity 3Dの技術で作り上げた戦闘画面も迫力満点の爽快感があります。


Android 6.0以上

《sin七つの大罪 X-TASY》

©2017 HOBBY JAPAN・Niθ/the seven deadly sins partners
That anime “Seven Mortal Sins” has finally become a smartphone game!

[Faithfully reproduce the anime “sin7 deadly sins”]
Due to the sin of “arrogance” against God, Archangel Lucifer was defeated in hell and became a “fallen angel”. Furthermore, at the lowest layer of hell, “Manmaden”, the demon kings who rule hell seal the power of Lucifer.
Lucifer lost everything, but with Leviathan, the jealous demon who longs for her, and Maria Totsuka, a high school girl she met on the ground, she became “the arrogant demon king Lucifer”.
Embark on a journey of counterattack against the Seven Demon Kings. The apocalypse of the “Seven Deadly Sins” by the beautiful Demon Kings is about to begin.

The Seven Deadly Sins:
Lucifer. The Demon King who controls the sin of “arrogance”, which is the first sin.
Leviathan. The Demon King who controls the sin of “jealousy”, which is the second sin.
Satan. The Demon King who controls the sin of “wrath”, which is the third sin.
Belphegor. The Demon King who controls the sin of “laziness”, which is the fourth sin.
Mammon. The Demon King who controls the sin of “greed”, which is the fifth sin.
Beelzebub. The Demon King who controls the sin of “gluttony”, which is the sixth sin.
Asmodeus. The Demon King who controls the sin of “lust”, which is the seventh sin.

[Famous painter / original character production]
In addition to the original characters such as great sins and virtues, we participate in character production by famous illustrators, and many attractive original characters will appear.
You can experience such characters flying around the screen.

[High quality artist]
Create a standing picture of a character using Live2D technology, which is currently popular.
You can also set your favorite character on the home screen, and there is also a character appreciation mode, so you can appreciate the character to your heart’s content.
The battle screen created with Unity 3D technology is also powerful and exhilarating.

[Unbearable sweet voice from anime voice actors]
The cast voice actors are directed by popular voice actors such as Yumi Hara, Houko Kuwashima and Satomi Arai, as well as the original voice actors of the anime, and you can enjoy the charm that can only be experienced in the game unlike anime.

▽ Operating environment ▽
Android 6.0 and above
Required storage capacity: Approximately 2GB in total

《Sin Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY》
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© 2017 HOBBY JAPAN ・ Niθ / the seven deadly sins partners