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Racing stunts by car. Extreme driving APK MOD Unlimited Money latest Version

Racing stunts by car. Extreme driving APK Sports Game Information.

Racing stunts by car. Extreme driving
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Racing stunts by car. Extreme driving APK Description: “Racing stunts by car. Extreme driving ”- stunt racing with a car with the possibility of upgrading the car. You can choose the view from the cockpit or from the outside of the car.
   In this exciting game you have to take part in a race by car and in a minimum time drive through different tracks laid along ramps without fences, while performing various stunts by car. Be prepared to overcome sharp turns and bends, jumps and dead loops, go around swaying hammers and other equally difficult obstacles, be prepared for car drifts on sharp turns of the track.

To confidently overcome all the elements of the tracks you will need to gain some experience and understand how the car behaves on different parts of the road. Therefore, be persistent and analyze the mistakes you made.
   For each race you will be credited with coins, the faster you overcome the track, the more coins you will receive. In addition, you can collect prize coins in the process of movement on the highway. All the coins you receive can be spent on upgrading your car or opening a new racetrack.

Car Upgrade:
   When upgrading your car, observe a reasonable balance between the installed components, controllability and stability of your car depends on it. For example, after installing a powerful engine you can reach great speed and show better race time. But if you leave the tires with a small coefficient of adhesion, then drifting is guaranteed on turns, and the soft suspension can not keep the car from a large roll and the car will turn over.

Driving on the highway:
  When driving on the highway, pay attention to the signs and if necessary, follow the recommended speed.
  Do not brake sharply when cornering, this may lead to a car drift and fall from the overpass.
  When overcoming the springboards, try to move with acceleration at the moment of separation. This will make the flight more even. Do not slow down in any way.
  When overcoming the loop of death, drive into the loop at a speed of at least 100 km / h. Try to move “coasting” and do not perform sharp maneuvering, this will prevent the vehicle from skidding. Good tires and car suspension significantly simplify overcoming this element of the track and will show the best result of the race.
  Remember that the car in the game behaves quite realistic. Therefore, in the case of an accident, try to analyze the situation, understand the reason and repeat the race. Practice, experiment, improve your driving skills and be sure you will succeed.

Driving a car:
  To control the car’s turns, use the accelerometer of your device. In the settings menu, you can select the control sensitivity that is most convenient for you.
  For backward movement, it is necessary to simultaneously hold down the brake and gas pedals.

The game is regularly updated and supplemented with new tracks. Try to go through all the race tracks in turn, this will allow you to gain the skills necessary to travel along the following tracks.
Improve your car as needed and remember that for the best result of the race not on all tracks you need to have the most powerful engine.
  Please do not forget to leave your feedback and suggestions for further development of the game.
Improved physics.
Optimized graphics for weak devices.
New race track. Turns with a roll of the car 90 degrees.
A new track with many springboards and steep turns.
v 3.0
Damage and car repair added.
Improved sound effects.
3.2 Added vibration in collisions and car bumps
3.3 Added a new track – a springboard with a coup
3.5 Added camera with car view
V 3.7 New track – skill test
V3.8 Added “double loop of death” track
Added dependence of vehicle behavior on damage.

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