PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M 1.8.0 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

PUBG MOBILEM 1.6.0 ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named PK. So, it is called an Mod Apk file, which has got all the elements of the app and it can be installed on an Android mobile. A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it.It is known as modded APK and it is shared on”
PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M Mod Apk Action Game Information

Mod Apk
Mod Apk

Mod Apk latest Version Free PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M Android  Game with Mod Apk, PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M is Action Game. All new and updated version are included in links of  apk file, links of this PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M game are fast and 100% with 4x speed-upsecure from any .is following the google Play Store Rules

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PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M Mod Apk Description: 免費在手機上遊玩史詩級大逃殺。

《PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M》專為手機而設計的史詩級大逃殺遊戲。

• 史詩級大逃殺巨作
在PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M中登上顛峰並盡情開火。PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M為原創大逃殺手遊,也是手機射擊遊戲的頂尖巨作。

• 隨時隨地免費遊玩
放鬆心情並盡情享受PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M!在遊戲中射擊和戰鬥,享受最流暢的遊戲體驗。完全免費遊玩!

• 極限火拼,10分鐘吃雞
準備好你的武器,響應PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M的戰鬥召喚,在遊戲中配對盡情來場火拼。

• 史實級全新模式
PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M異株威脅模式帶來全新史詩戰鬥,引領玩家進入未來之役,共同對抗未知入侵者。

• 超大地圖,更多戰鬥
PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M提供多張地圖供玩家選擇,帶給你全新刺激生存體驗。叫上你的朋友,一起在全新模式中並肩作戰!自由開火,消滅一切敵人!

• 專為手機設計

PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M提供玩家最高解析度的道具和遊戲體驗。你有什麼需求,都幫你實現。快來試試無數把免費武器,在遊戲中盡情射擊。遊戲持續不斷增加全新道具、地圖和模式!

PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M提供手機上最刺激的免費多人遊戲。加入戰鬥,穿上裝備,痛快吃雞。在史詩級百人經典戰鬥、火力全開模式、快節奏4v4團競模式和殭屍模式求生。 生存才是王道,活下來才能笑到最後。接受任務,全力開火!

* 遊玩遊戲需要穩定網路連線。
* PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M建議系統要求:Android 5.1.1以上,至少2GB記憶體。不符合要求的裝置,請嘗試遊玩PUBG MOBILE LITE


如有任何問題,請寄送電子郵件到[email protected],與我們的客服團隊聯絡。

Play epic battle royale on your mobile for free.

“PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M” is an epic battle royale game specially designed for mobile phones.
Extreme Rush, let you eat chicken in 10 minutes.
More than 1 billion players worldwide.

• Epic battle royale masterpiece
Lots of new activities, free to play.
Climb to the top in PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M and open fire as much as you want. PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M is an original battle royale mobile game and a top masterpiece of mobile shooting games.

• Free to play anytime, anywhere
Relax and enjoy PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M! Shoot and fight in the game to enjoy the smoothest gaming experience. Completely free to play!

• Extreme Rush, 10 minutes to eat chicken
Prepare your weapons, respond to PUBG MOBILE: PUBG Mobile: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M’s battle call, match up and fight in the game.

• Historically new model
PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M alien threat mode brings a new epic battle, leading players into the battle of the future, and jointly fight against unknown invaders.
With full firepower to fight against the invasion of Yarrow, how can you save the world without you! Respond to the call of the battlefield quickly and complete the task of defending the homeland together!
The Zaiyuan Matrix is ​​coming, ready to experience the ultimate battle royale battle!

• Large map, more battles
PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M provides multiple maps for players to choose from, bringing you a new and exciting survival experience. Call your friends and fight together in a brand new mode! Fire freely and destroy all enemies!

• Designed specifically for mobile phones
In the game, you can customize the control buttons, provide a training mode, and you can also communicate with friends by voice. Experience the smoothest control and the most realistic weapons on your phone.

PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M provides players with the highest resolution props and game experience. Whatever you need, we will help you realize it. Come try countless free weapons and shoot in the game. The game continues to add new items, maps and modes!

PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M provides the most exciting free multiplayer game on mobile. Join the battle, put on your gear, and eat chicken happily. Survive in epic 100-player classic battles, full fire mode, fast-paced 4v4 team competition mode and zombie mode. Survival is the kingly way. Only by surviving can we have the last laugh. Accept the task and open fire with all your strength!

* A stable internet connection is required to play the game.
* PUBG MOBILE: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds M recommended system requirements: Android 5.1.1 and above, at least 2GB memory. A device that does not meet the requirements, please try to play PUBG MOBILE LITE

contact us:

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] to contact our customer service team.

※This application game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
※Please experience it according to your personal interests, abilities and abilities. Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging.
1、 生命屏障:亞蘿的母體異株會隨機出現,提升周遭玩家生命力
2、 載元矩陣:進入飛船後,自動更換為限定載元矩陣裝備,並獲得數次復活機會,被擊敗後透過消耗復活機會,在飛船上重新加入戰鬥,體驗隨機槍械和可重複復活的爽快亂鬥!
3、DynaHex補給: 消耗微核晶片獲得DynaHex空投補給。

1) 戰慄逃生:重聚
2) 巨獸終戰



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