Pocoyo Puzzles: Games for Kids 1.28 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

Pocoyo Puzzles Games for Kids 1.28 ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

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Pocoyo Puzzles: Games for Kids Mod Apk Educational Game Information

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Pocoyo Puzzles: Games for Kids Mod Apk
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Pocoyo Puzzles: Games for Kids Mod Apk Description: Looking for fun puzzles to entertain and teach children logical reasoning? Discover Pocoyo Puzzles, the ideal app for them to learn to solve original brain teasers related to Pocoyo and his friends, while they enjoy playing, from a very young age!

The Pocoyo Puzzles children’s app features four different game modes to enjoy anywhere;

– In the Circular Puzzle mode, children will see a jumbled circular drawing, and they will have to rotate each of the concentric circles clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to create the figure and complete the puzzle.

– In the Square Puzzles game mode the puzzle has been divided into several square pieces, and players have to place the pieces in the correct position by tapping their fingers until they can see the complete image.

– In the Puzzles App’s Fit the Pieces Together mode, the image is broken down into several parts; recognizing the shapes, children have to drag each part of the drawing to its proper position and superimpose it there.

– Finally, in the Recognize the Shapes mode of this children’s app, the silhouettes of 4 figures are displayed at the top of the screen, and 4 drawings corresponding to those silhouettes at the bottom. The children have to superimpose the drawings on the silhouettes correctly.

In the Fit the Pieces Together and Recognize Shapes modes, if they don’t place the part precisely in the right place, a sound will tell them that to try again. When they manage to complete the puzzles, a confetti animation will congratulate them on doing so.

In these two game modes you will find different children’s puzzle themes to choose from; puzzles of animals, plants, vehicles, toys, objects, musical instruments, fruits, clothes and character brain teasers. Children will have a great time completing these children’s puzzles with the Pocoyo Puzzles app for kids, and they’ll learn a lot along the way!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of puzzles. Pocoyo makes it very simple for you. Just download the puzzle app for children and start enjoying it. There are more than 30 templates to solve. You’ll see how much fun there is with the same children’s app!

On the puzzle app’s main screen you can choose the one you like the most from the 4 game modes available. And, if you get stuck, you have a Help button to help you solve the puzzle. Feel free to click on it if you need it!

As well as being a great hobby, puzzle games are a very valuable educational tool for the youngest at home for several reasons;

🏆 With this entertaining puzzle app they will learn to identify geometric shapes and patterns, while developing concentration and exercising their memories.

🏆 Children’s puzzles also have a therapeutic function, as they help kids relax and stay calm,

🏆 Puzzles also allow kids to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

🏆 With puzzles for children, kids tackle challenges and learn to be patient to solve them.

🏆 When they manage to complete the puzzle, a voiceover explains what is happening in the animation, to improve their listening comprehension.

🏆 Also, when they solve the puzzle, a confetti animation congratulates them, with this positive reinforcement boosting their self-esteem.

Also, if you want to enjoy more puzzle templates, and eliminate advertising, you can buy the Premium version. Play Pocoyo Puzzles now! Will you be able to complete them all?