N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) 1.5.0 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

N-INNOCENCE- ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) Mod Apk An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named .APK apkcottages.com . So, it is called a Mod Apk file, which has got all the elements of the app and can be installed on an Android mobile. A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it. It is known as modded APK and it is shared on apkcottages.com
N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) Mod Apk Action Game Information

Mod Apk
Mod Apk

Mod Apk latest Version Free N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) Android  Game with Mod Apk, N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) is Action Game.Also Other sites are modeapk.com All new and updated version are included in links of  apk file, links of this N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) game are fast and 100% with 4x speed-upsecure from any viruses..Apkcottages.com .is following the google Play Store Rules

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N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス) Mod Apk Description: 美しいキャラクターに豪華声優、最先端3DCGと華麗な演出がゲームを彩る「N-INNOCENCE-(エヌ・イノセンス)」






・ゼウス(CV:森なな子)-オリュンポス十二柱を束ねる若き神々の王。 神をも断罪する漆黒の鎌アダマスを携える。
・ヘルメス(CV:ファイルーズあい)-オリュンポス十二柱の一人で伝令役。 小鳥のような彼女の囀りには意外な真実が…
・アポロン(CV:松風雅也)-絶対的な力と自信に満ち溢れる太陽の化身。 彼が真に怒るとき、日輪の加護は失われる。


石上静香 / 伊藤美来 / 植田佳奈 / 榎木淳弥 / 大塚剛央 / 岡本信彦 / 小野賢章 / 鬼頭明里 / 釘宮理恵 / 鈴村健一 / 高尾奏音 / たかはし智秋 / 田村ゆかり / 長縄まりあ / 中原麻衣 / 原由実 / 日野聡 / ファイルーズあい / Machico / 松風雅也 / 森川智之 / 森なな子 / 安元洋貴 / 山田美鈴 / 山村響 / 悠木碧 / 吉野裕行 / 他(敬称略)



OS: Android 7.0 以上
SoC: Snapdragon 845 以上
RAM: 4GB 以上
“N-INNOCENCE-” where beautiful characters, gorgeous voice actors, cutting-edge 3DCG and splendid productions color the game

You can easily enjoy a nostalgic new top quality new 3D fighting action RPG that condenses the interesting elements of a full-scale fighting game on your smartphone!

■ Easy operation and exhilarating battle
With simple operations such as tapping and flicking, you can enjoy the battle action unique to a profound fighting RPG.
Up to 4 characters can be organized, including support.
Swap the organized characters at any time to connect combos and overwhelm the enemy!
A chance to do a lot of damage if the enemy staggers due to the accumulation of attacks. Let’s fold it all at once!

In addition, each character has a unique special move that combines a flashy production.
There are many variations depending on the character, such as attack, defense, recovery, and support.
Let’s use it properly as needed.

■ High quality 3DCG
The beautifully colored art of “mythical world by” original interpretation “” is completely reproduced with the latest 3DCG.
Enjoy the stylish productions of the gorgeous characters in the battle background that shows various expressions!

■ Originally interpreted scenario
A crossover story of gods appearing in various myths such as Norse mythology, Japanese mythology, and Greek mythology.
The combination of gods is endless, such as Siegfried in Norse mythology and Prometheus in Greek mythology. Please check with your own eyes the newly spun original myth.

■ Characters that color the story
・ Nia (CV: Misuzu Yamada)-A white girl who was waiting for you in a strange world. Fight to protect you without regard for danger.
-Tall (CV: Rie Kugimiya)-Prince and strongest warrior of Asgard, the kingdom of God. Chasing his disappeared younger brother Loki, he descends into the human world.
-Freyja (CV: Chiaki Takahashi)-Valkyrie corps superior. In the event of an Asgard emergency, he himself goes to the front line.
Brynhildr (CV: Yumi Hara)-A woman with memory loss saved by a young man. The desire for the past leads her to the circle of fate.
-Susanoo (CV: Takeo Otsuka)-A young man who was banished from the clean Takamagahara at a young age. Over time, he returns to his hometown where injuries are widespread.
・ Amaterasu (CV: Aoi Yuki)-One half of the two “Amaterasu” who rule Takamagahara. When she disappeared, the darkness wrapped around the world.
Zeus (CV: Nanako Mori)-Olympus The king of young gods who bundles the twelve pillars. Carry a jet-black sickle Adamas that also condemns God.
-Hermes (CV: Fairouz Ai)-One of the Twelve Olympians and a messenger. There is a surprising truth in her song like a little bird …
-Apollo (CV: Masaya Matsukaze)-The incarnation of the sun full of absolute power and self-confidence. When he is truly angry, the protection of the sun is lost.

Many other attractive characters will appear! !!

■ Gorgeous voice actors appear
Shizuka Ishigami / Miku Ito / Kana Ueda / Junya Enoki / Takeo Otsuka / Nobuhiko Okamoto / Kensho Ono / Akari Kito / Rie Kugimiya / Kenichi Suzumura / Kanon Takao / Chiaki Takahashi / Yukari Tamura / Maria Naganawa / Mai Nakahara Yumi / Satoshi Hino / File’s Ai / Machico / Masaya Matsukaze / Tomoyuki Morikawa / Nanako Mori / Hiroki Yasumoto / Misuzu Yamada / Hibiki Yamamura / Aoi Yuki / Hiroyuki Yoshino / etc.

■ Synopsis of the story
You wake up in a strange place.
A girl who calls herself “Nay” says. I’ll kill you–
A girl who calls herself “near” says. To protect you–
A strange place, a strange girl, a strange word …
You intervene in the world while you are likely to fluctuate whether you are yourself or not.
That was the opportunity to travel to a strange place.

■ App price
App body: Free to play
* Some paid items are available.
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using.

■ Recommended environment
OS: Android 7.0 and above
SoC: Snapdragon 845 and above
RAM: 4GB or more
* Some models do not support