Strike of Nations – Army War 0.1.46 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

Strike of Nations – Army War 0.1.46 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

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Land of Empires Epic Strategy Game 0.0.32

Land of Empires : Epic Strategy Game APK Strategy Game Information.

Land of Empires : Epic Strategy Game
APK latest Version Free Land of Empires : Epic Strategy Game Android  Game with APK, Land of Empires : Epic Strategy Game is Strategy Game. All new and updated version are included in links of  apk file, links of this Land of Empires : Epic Strategy Game game are fast and 100% with 4x speed-upsecure from any .is following the google Play Store Rules

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Land of Empires : Epic Strategy Game APK Description: The Eastern Clan, the Warriors of Eden, the Storm Dwellers……

Choose your faction, and start your new Journey of Civilization!

Dear Rulers, welcome to Land of Empires! This is a mobile strategy game with the world’s civilizations as the battlefields. Players will gradually develop as mercenaries, search for unknown treasures, and witness the rise of the great civilizations. Here you can rise your kingdom and expand your territory, command many famous historical heroes, and lead your civilization to glory!

-=Game Features=-

⚔️Sub Cities + Large Map Gameplay: EXPAND YOUR DOMINANCE⚔️ Explore and conquer the vast and rich continent
・ March from the exiled lands to the center of civilization, and then on to the lost Holy Land. On this great journey, you’ll cross a variety of terrains, experience various ecologies, search for lost treasures, and explore the mysteries of civilizations.
・ Grand Mediterranean architecture, unique desert cities, simple and solemn Oriental buildings…… Rulers can have up to 3 cities, and each city’s resources and construction queue are managed independently, to turn each city into your base!

⚔️Train multiple Heroes: SUMMON THE LEGENDS⚔️ Heroes from great era’s past reappear, gather your heroes
・ Athena, Cleopatra, Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Caesar…… Heroes of epic civilizations will respond to your call to join your thrilling expedition and adventure.
・ The multiple hero cultivation and strengthening mechanism allows you to bring heroes’ talents into play, heroes of history and myth will fight side by side.

⚔️Siege Battles: DESTROY THE ENEMY⚔️ Multiple unit combinations VS City defense combinations for thrilling offensive and defensive battles
・ With rich and diverse strategic combinations, players can show off their tactical talents and plan strategies to bring victory.
・ A variety of different City Defense Towers and powerful Siege Machines bring thrilling offensive and defensive duels! You can clash with other players and use superior tactics to win in the MMO strategy battle royale.

⚔️Treasure Map Gameplay: HUNT FOR TREASURES⚔️ Search mysterious lands and uncover the truth in the fog
・ In this unique play style, Rulers can command heroes to explore Treasure Regions. No troops are required in Treasure Areas – Disperse the fog, pursue the treasure, and finally reach the deepest Treasure Temple.
・ Encounter interesting NPCs and challenging wild monsters at random as you explore for treasure, experiencing the exciting and adventurous journey of a mercenary.

⚔️Multiple Civilizations: BUILD YOUR EMPIRE⚔️ Witness civilizations with their own characteristics and become a leading role
・ A grand setting and rich story take you back through the history in an immersive adventure experience. Technology, law, soldiers and culture inherited from civilizations will help you overcome your enemy.
・ Become the successor and leader of civilizations and lead your people to prosperity. You will rewrite history.

⚔️Alliance System⚔️ Social PvP gameplay, expand exclusive territories with your allies
・ After choosing your Alliance, you can help each other shorten construction times when upgrading buildings, or you can upgrade Alliance Technologies to obtain overall bonus effects.
・ Work with your Alliance to expand your territory and build your own facilities on the world map to enhance your Attack and Supply abilities in Alliance Battles.


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