Kakapo Run: Animal Rescue Game 2.0.1 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

Kakapo Run Animal Rescue Game ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

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Kakapo Run: Animal Rescue Game Mod Apk ActionPlatformerRunner Game Information

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Kakapo Run: Animal Rescue Game Mod Apk
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Kakapo Run: Animal Rescue Game Mod Apk Description: The Kākāpō are in danger!

In the Kākāpō Run game, you explore the wilderness to find the kākāpō and bring them safely to Sanctuary Island. Avoid any predators that block your way, knock them out or jump over them to keep the kākāpō out of danger! The kākāpō, a flightless parrot, is an endangered species endemic to New Zealand and in this classic endless-runner style game, they need your help!

Kākāpō Run is a FREE game where players must get the kākāpō to the safety of Sanctuary Island. Each level starts with the cry of the Haast’s Eagle, a huge raptor that was the main natural predator for kakapo, but is now extinct. The kākāpō freezes in place, a classic behavioural response to avoid being seen by its natural predators, but to survive from invasive predators, the kākāpō must start running for its life.

To stay alive in the game, players have to run, jump and dodge the different obstacles on their path and knock out, or evade, predators like rats and stoats, which alongside dogs and cats, are key predators for the kākāpō and its chicks.


* Keep on running in Endless mode
* See if you have what it takes to rank in the top 10 of the Leaderboards
* Share your score with your friends on social media and challenge them to beat you
* Collect feathers and spend on the new gold and silver kākāpō!
* Collect enough Rimu seeds to power up. Don’t have enough? Purchase some from the shop
* Did you die before completing a game level? You can answer a quiz question and get to continue running as a reward
* Real kākāpō facts
* Select your favourite kākāpō sticker to add to your social post
* No ads, no in-app purchases
* Totally FREE
* Hear the unique sounds of real kākāpō, from the unusual mating ‘boom’ to squarks
* Four environments to traverse in an endless-runner game inspired by New Zealand’s unique and varied landscape. From dense forests to idyllic coastlines and cities crammed with traffic terror
* Oncoming obstacles, from predators to rolling rocks. Get Running, Jump, Dodge and Swipe to avoid them!

Kākāpō Run is a classic endless-runner game with an insanely unique, crazy-cool feathery hero: the kākāpō. It’s a parrot so large that it can’t fly, with a mating call so deep that it rumbles the floor! It’s the only bird left on Earth from a whole branch of the tree of life (its distant cousin is the dodo).

Plenty of dangers confront these “owl-parrots” in the wild … so many, in fact, that the 200-odd remaining kākāpō are on their own protected island in New Zealand.

Your mission in Kākāpō Run: get the kākāpō to safety by running across a danger-ridden New Zealand to Sanctuary Island. Hungry stoats are just one of the game challenges that face you as you jump, dodge, swipe and slide through forests, shorelines and cities.

Don’t forget: catch the feathers and score extra points! Along the way, learn about the incredible kākāpō and how they’re being brought back from the edge of extinction.

‘Kākāpō Run’ is a classic endless-runner style game created by On the Edge. We’re working with indigenous communities and conservation groups in New Zealand to help save the kākāpō in real life. By playing the game you’re getting involved in the effort to protect one of the world’s most unique birds.

On behalf of all kākāpō, Thank You for playing the game and helping with their survival.

Ready to start running? Let’s play! Swipe down to slide under objects, swipe left to change lanes and swipe up to jump.


Support the mission by shouting out about #SaveTheKakapo!

Support the mission by shouting out about #SaveTheKakapo!