Granny Putler 1.1.0 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

Granny Putler ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

Granny Putler Mod Apk An Android app is packaged into a file that has an extension named .APK . So, it is called a Mod Apk file, which has got all the elements of the app and can be installed on an Android mobile. A qualified developer can make edits to the elements inside an APK file, to add or enable a limited feature of the official app and then recompile it. It is known as modded APK and it is shared on
Granny Putler Mod Apk Action Game Information

Mod Apk
Granny Putler Mod Apk
Mod Apk

Mod Apk latest Version Free Granny Putler Android  Game with Mod Apk, Granny Putler is Action Game.Also Other sites are All new and updated version are included in links of  apk file, links of this Granny Putler game are fast and 100% with 4x speed-upsecure from any .is following the google Play Store Rules

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Granny Putler Mod Apk Description: Welcome to the old house of Putler.
You play the role of a journalist that Putler keeps locked in his house.
Your task is to get out of there before the end of the fifth day. Be careful and quiet. Although he is old, you can hear everything.
If you drop something on the floor, he will go looking for you.
But you can’t hide in the closet or under the waiting room, and also in the empty chests where he kept the money.
And remember, there are only 5 days.. Take care of yourself.

– “Story” (a very large amount of 2 rubles was allocated for it :))
..The former president did not succeed. He decided to steal all the rest of the finances and salt, taking the most expensive car in his feet, he disappeared in an unknown direction. Only one journalist, thinking every night, managed to put the whole puzzle together in his head and figure out his approximate location. As it turned out, he had in an old empty village where is great-grandmother once lived. Unfortunately, since the journalist is little known, no one believes him. He decides to go there himself, reconnoiter the situation and film it all on video – in order to have evidence and punish the culprit.
Upon arrival, something went wrong.
Before he could open the door to the house, he lost consciousness .. As it turns out later because of a blow to the head with something solid ..
Waking up, he found himself in one of the rooms of the old house of Putler’s great-grandmother. Since he had little food left, he did not kill the journalist so that he secretly worked for him for some time, because it was too dangerous for Putler to go out into the street. Naturally, such operation did not suit the journalist, and he began to think of an escape plan. He has 5 days to escape from this terrible, forgotten house.

The game was created for entertainment purposes and nothing more.