Jet Air Strike: Action Game 3D 8.2.4 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

Fighter Jet Air Strike – New 2020 with VR 8.0 ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

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Fighter Jet Air Strike – New 2020, with VR Mod Apk Action Game Information

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Fighter Jet Air Strike – New 2020, with VR
Mod Apk

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Fighter Jet Air Strike – New 2020, with VR Mod Apk Description: Jet Air Strike Mission 3D is an ultimate and thrilling 3D modern jet fighter game which allows you to ride a realistic aircraft simulator in endless deep blue sea. Get ready for real breathtaking action while playing this fighter aircraft simulation game. Unlike other jets fighter games, the jet air strike 3D is specially designed by using ultra high definition graphics to give you the realistic experience of air craft flight simulation. The gameplay is full of action and jet strike fighting.

How to Play:
• Tilt the device to take-off and control the moves
• Keep an eye on fuel meter and finish the mission before the fuel ends
• Use the radar navigation to detect the nearby enemy fighter planes
• Tap the camera button to select the most perfect camera views
• Camera View includes: Cockpit view & External View

Bluetooth Gamepad Joystick:
– For best game experience, joystick use is recommended
– Use joystick for up/down and left/right control
– Use seperate fire buttons for missile and bullet firing

Virtual Reality (VR) Mode:
– To enjoy VR mdoe, highly recommend to use joystick, however without gamepad, can also play in VR mdoe.
– If no gamepad in VR, then use only head tilt for up/down/left/right
– if no gamepad in VR, the firing will be auto when target in crosshair aim

3D Fighter Jet games Features:
• Real sounds of roaring fighter aircrafts.
• Easy and smooth controls &realistic navigation.
• Realistic and smooth aircraft physics.
• Amazing and Marvelous real 3D mountains and sea environment.
• Camouflage and Flag based Jets model coming soon.
-New jet model Added
-Improved survival mode enemy Ai