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FFVII The First Soldier ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

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FFVII The First Soldier Mod Apk Action Game Information

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FFVII The First Soldier
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FFVII The First Soldier Mod Apk Description: 『FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER』(ファイナルファンタジーVII ザ ファーストソルジャー)

-Season2「Dominate the Sky」開幕-

『FINAL FANTASY VII』×バトルロイヤルゲームがついに登場。

銃・剣・魔法による多様な戦術、モンスター討伐によって経験値をためるレベルアップシステムがこれまでのバトロワの枠を超えたゲーム体験を生み出します。「FINAL FANTASY」シリーズならではの魔法や召喚獣が多数登場。本作は『FFVII』の正統なコンピレーション作品です。

公式サイト :https://www.ffviifs.com/ja/

Android:7.1以降 64bit対応 (システムメモリ3GB以上)の端末





‐「FINAL FANTASY」シリーズの要素が満載
チョコボやバイクで縦横無尽に走りまわったり、イフリートをはじめとする強力な召喚獣を召喚したり、サンダーやケアルなどの数多くの魔法を駆使できる、「FINAL FANTASY」の要素がこれまでのバトロワの枠を超えたゲーム体験を生み出します。

本作は『FINAL FANTASY VII』シリーズクリエイティブディレクターの野村哲也氏がクリエイティブディレクターも務め、『FINAL FANTASY VII』につながる正統なコンピレーション作品です。

エグゼクティブプロデューサー:北瀬 佳範
クリエイティブディレクター:野村 哲也
プロデューサー:市川 翔一
シナリオスーパーバイザー:野島 一成(有限会社ステラヴィスタ)

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-Season 2 “Dominate the Sky” opening-
The theme of this season is “Bahamut”.
Various new elements such as a new style “Dragoon” that can fly in the air, a new material “Telepo” that can warp to a distance in an instant, and a battle with a powerful enemy “Bahamut” that turns over the training field have appeared. .. Experience the new FF7FS now.

Join the formation of the unknown “First Soldier”
“FINAL FANTASY VII” x battle royale game is finally here.
The stage is 30 years ago, dating back to “FFVII”. Become a Soldier candidate and fight for survival from up to 75 players. The latest battle royale that incorporates RPG elements.

A variety of tactics using guns, swords, and magic, and a level-up system that accumulates experience points by defeating monsters creates a game experience that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional Batrois. Many magic and summoned beasts unique to the “FINAL FANTASY” series have appeared. This work is an orthodox compilation of “FFVII”.

▼▼ Latest information ▼▼
Please check the event information and campaign from the following
Official site: https://www.ffviifs.com/ja/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ffvii_fs_jp

▼▼ Operating environment ▼▼
Android: 7.1 or later 64-bit compatible (system memory 3GB or more) terminal
* For some terminals, it may not work even with the above version or higher.

▼▼ Game introduction ▼▼
-Assemble tactics with guns, swords and magic
In addition to shooting, let’s build tactics by incorporating melee attacks with swords, magic attacks using materia, and summons.

-Level up system
By defeating monsters, you can gain experience points, and your skills and physical strength will increase according to the player level. Let’s advance the battle to the advantage by raising the level.

-Choose the style that suits your taste
A warrior who excels in melee attacks, a sorcerer who has abilities specializing in magic attacks, a monk who has excellent recovery and durability, a ranger who has excellent abilities to search for enemies, and a ninja who excels in stealth and mobility. You can select.

-MAP that reconstructed the world of “FFVII”
Locations of “FFVII” such as “Gobangai Slum”, “Corneo Mansion”, “Church”, and “Train Cemetery” have appeared in the MAP.

-Full of elements from the “FINAL FANTASY” series
The element of “FINAL FANTASY” that can run around freely with chocobos and motorcycles, summon powerful summons such as Ifrit, and make full use of many magic such as Thunder and Keal is the frame of Batrowa so far Create a gaming experience that goes beyond.

▼▼ Staff ▼▼
This work is an orthodox compilation work that leads to “FINAL FANTASY VII” with Tetsuya Nomura, the creative director of the “FINAL FANTASY VII” series, also serving as the creative director.

Executive Producer: Yoshinori Kitase
Creative Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Producer: Shoichi Ichikawa
Scenario Supervisor: Kazushige Nojima (Stella Vista Co., Ltd.)
Planning / Development: Ateam Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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