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Farm land and Harvest – farming kids games 1.0.11 ModAPK Unlimited Money Download

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Farm land and Harvest – farming kids games Mod Apk EducationalBrain Games Game Information

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Farm land and Harvest – farming kids games
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Farm land and Harvest – farming kids games Mod Apk Description: Harvest games for toddlers is a great way to play and learn something about our world for children. Start a new adventure with your little ones and our kindergarten game will help in creating children’s place of interest. In the first module of the car games for kids we make bread in a bakery using modern industrial technology!

Machines for sowing seeds and fertilizer spreaders, watering machines, tractor and huge combine harvesters. The game seems to open the curtain behind the scenes of the farm world. It will be curious not only for preschoolers but for very little ones too. While getting some useful information children are able to play really fun!

The modern world is so universal – it offers almost everything we need but let’s look deep: where does the food come from on our table? How does it get to the store? What is it made of? Who makes it? And how long does the whole process take?
Now let’s figure it out! When we see a ruddy and mouth-watering bread on the counter of the store we should remember: its path to us is long and extremely exciting!

?Arrange puzzles to build a car, repair it if necessary, wash it and send it on a mission in the field;
?‍?Come through all stages of creating a fertile field, caring for the soil, sowing seeds and harvest time until the final stage – delicious bread;
?Your kid will find out how agricultural technology works, remember each name of all large and useful machines and learn what tasks they help people with;
?Children will not only observe the whole process of growing wheat but the kid will be a mechanic, a washer, an agronomist and a great connoisseur of nature and its gifts;
?The game trains memory, attention and observation as well as develops fine motor skills and coordination through mini-games between main tasks.

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Harvest – is one of the best toddler car games for 2 year olds for learning how to care for the soil develop motor skill and imagination for children.
Meet brand new game about sustainable agroindustry for kids!
Here your children deal with steps of growing crops, entertain themselves with puzzles and washing big cars, learn harvesting and the way we get fresh bread for dinner!
Quality and captivating plot full of mini-games, real-like characters and comprehensible UI will bring your kids loads of fun!