拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)SNK官方正版授權 2.0.7 (Mod/APK Unlimited Money) Download

98OL98-SNK APK MOD Unlimited Money latest Version

拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)-SNK官方正版授權 APK Action Game Information.

APK latest Version Free 拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)-SNK官方正版授權 Android  Game with APK, 拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)-SNK官方正版授權 is Action Game. All new and updated version are included in links of  apk file, links of this 拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)-SNK官方正版授權 game are fast and 100% with 4x speed-upsecure from any viruses..Apkcottages.com .is following the google Play Store Rules

拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)-SNK官方正版授權 1.9.1 screenshots 1

拳皇98終極之戰OL(98格鬥天王)-SNK官方正版授權 APK Description: SNK正版授權經典格鬥天王《拳皇98終極之戰OL》完美回歸,經典即永恆!

【正版授權SNK全明星 拳員到位】
您兒時記憶中所熟悉的《拳皇》草薙京、八神庵、不知火舞,《侍魂》霸王丸、橘右京、娜可露露等街機經典人物,除了將延續當時的遊戲場景、招式音效、必殺絕招、原汁原味日文配音, 也推出許多台灣限定專屬場景,陪您再次體驗熱血激烈戰鬥,拳釋經典,永不K.O!!

【玩法革新 拳新佈陣 PVP】
推出不同於以往PVP模式的“亂鬥街區”策略玩法,格鬥家們可以創造關卡,供他人挑戰並通過抽取解鎖 / 升級格鬥家,抽取資源透過玩法獲取,並根據排名結算榮譽點數,挑戰至高無上的榮譽殿堂,Ready?GO!

【拳力打造 Combo連擊爽快體驗】
玩膩只靠點人物頭像就釋放技能的遊戲嗎? 本作首創戰鬥QTE連擊系統,創造出在手機遊戲上前所未有的爽快連擊,搭配大蛇薙、 八稚女、 霸王翔吼拳等超必殺技一觸即發,把控精準出手時機,掌握戰鬥節奏,給予敵人爽快重擊,combo連擊停不下來!

【豐富系統 多樣玩法】


※ 本遊戲內容涉及暴力情節(但無血腥畫面)與不當言語與性,依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級
※ 本遊戲為免費遊戲,但遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務,請依個人興趣及能力進行適度消費
※ 請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷,長時間進行遊戲,容易影響作息,宜適度休息及運動
SNK genuine authorized classic fighting king “The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Battle OL” returns perfectly, the classic is eternal!
In addition to the perfect reproduction of the characters in the “King of Fighters” series, SNK all-stars such as “Samurai Soul” are also on stage.
Join the fighters in the innovative strategic gameplay “Chaos Block” and accompany you to challenge fighters from all over the world!
A powerful and mysterious force from the new world is brewing… Only the real fighting king can create a legend!

Game features:
[Genuine authorized SNK All-Star boxer in place]
The classic arcade characters such as “King of Fighters” Kusanakyo, Iorikan, Shiranui Mai, “Samurai” Hawangmaru, Tachibana Ukyo, and Naklulu that you are familiar with from your childhood memories will continue the game scenes at the time, the sound effects of the moves, and the ultimate trick , The original Japanese dubbing, and many Taiwan-limited exclusive scenes have also been introduced to accompany you to experience the fierce battle again, and the classics will never be KO!!

[Gameplay innovation, new fist formation PVP]
Introduced a “Chaos Block” strategy gameplay that is different from the previous PVP mode. Fighters can create levels for others to challenge and unlock/upgrade the fighters through extraction. Resources are acquired through gameplay, and honor points are settled according to the rankings. The challenge is supreme Hall of Honor, Ready? GO!

[Fist strength creates a refreshing experience of combo combos]
Tired of playing games where you just click on a character’s avatar to release your skills? This is the first combat QTE combo system, creating a refreshing combo unprecedented in mobile games. It is combined with super nirvana such as Da Snake Nai, Eight Young Girls, Bawang Xianghouquan, etc., which will be triggered at any time. The timing of the shot is precise, the rhythm of the battle is controlled, and the battle is given. The enemy hits hard and the combo combo can’t stop!

[Rich system and diverse play methods]
Bars, talents, final trials, the king of fighters, female fighter dungeon and many other PVE+PVP system play methods, challenge the strongest king, let you enter the world of the king of fighters no longer feel boring, experience the classic story dungeon, dominate the whole server to create you The undefeated legend!

==Official Information==
FB fan group: https://goo.gl/Me6ELj
Game official website: http://98kof.game-bean.com/
Baja Discussion Board: http://forum.gamer.com.tw/B.php?bsn=28969

※ The content of this game involves violent plots (but no bloody pictures) and inappropriate language and sex. According to the game software classification management method, it is classified as supplementary 12 levels
※ This game is a free game, but there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game. Please make moderate consumption based on personal interests and abilities
※ Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging, playing for a long time, it is easy to affect your work and rest, it is appropriate to rest and exercise


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