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Trivia Crack 2 mod apk unlimited money

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Halloween is coming! Get ready to play trivia with your family and friends in a spooky Halloween night. Don’t let monsters or ghosts to scare you! Test your skills this Halloween and prepare to enjoy a magical game. Have fun and celebrate Halloween with us! Defy your friends in the spookiest season and play to be on the top this Halloween.

🧠 Sharpen your mind with Trivia Crack 2, the brain game now FULL OF TOPICS!
Test your knowledge on your favorite TV shows, movies, books, artists and more! And the brain test continues: answer fun general questions in classic categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography. Ready to become a trivia star?

Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition and prove how smart you are! What are you waiting for? Show off your smarts in this brain test.

– Mystery Doors will blow your mind! Can you answer challenging questions correctly and be the last player standing? Lots of CROWNS await!
– Tower Duel is full of adrenaline! Snatch categories from your opponent and stack them! Whoever builds the highest tower wins… will that be you? Let’s go!

🎁 PLAY AND PICK A PRIZE. How lucky are you?
Time to get a lot of prizes with this brain game! Unlock hidden rewards and take all the accumulated prizes. Be careful! If you pick the wrong token you’ll lose everything you got.

👑 RANK AND FAST. Prove you are a trivia star and reach the top!
Collect as many crowns as you can during the week to achieve the best possible position on theranking. The league will offer incredible prizes for the top 20 players!

Are you a true collector? Get them all! All you have to do is play to get chests. They will provide you with different pieces you’ll need to unlock new wheels. And best of all: you can set them as an avatar frame to show off to your fellow players!

You are not alone during this brain test. Teams can have up to 50 members. You can create your own too! What’s the point? Send or request lives to other members and play Tower Duel together against other teams!

Tic-Tac-5: answer questions in classic mode and get crowns and gold bars.
Rescue Rush: show you are a trivia star who can save our game’s characters!
Pirate Battle: answer questions, bring down your opponent’s ships and win gold bars.
Lucky Spin: get different prizes randomly such as PowerUps, lives, gold bars or a chest with amazing rewards!
Missions: complete them and claim your special prizes.
Collections: obtain crowns in the different game modes and win characters to collect.
Chat: communicate with other members of the same team through the chat.
Trivia Pass: do you want better prizes? You can get the VIP Membership and acquire the Trivia Pass.

What are you waiting for? Download the game now and become the smartest in town!


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