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Supermarket Village—Farm Town Description

Ready to open a supermarket in a new town? Become a manager in a nice, pleasant village and sell homemade products!

Take the challenge and run your own farm to offer fresh food to the locals. Build your dream town while expanding your business, and become the most famous neighbor by working hard!


Harvest crops and feed animals, and produce enough feedstock to process different products for your customers. Improve your supermarket as you build new factories, expand your fields and farms, and handle online orders. Your village will need a bakery, dairy section, meat section, and even a produce department! Hire cashiers and stockers to replenish the shelves with all kinds of tasty products!


Expand your town with new buildings and farming areas! Open factories, create new crop fields, open a cowshed, a chicken coop, and a refinery. Don’t forget to supply your supermarket! Unlock a dairy factory, bread factory, meat plant, and beverage factory. Create your local brand and put your village on the map! Play mini-games to win prizes, extract ore from the mine to boost your performance, participate in the events to get incredible rewards, or refurbish the entire town to attract new neighbors! This village is plenty of activities!


Plant and harvest different types of seeds such as wheat, corn, tomatoes, apples, and carrots. Take care of animals such as cows, chickens, hens, and pigs in your farmyards. Collect milk, meat, and eggs, and manufacture loads of products based on demand. Adapt your strategy to your supermarket’s needs!


Expand your business by taking advantage of new technologies! Meet the demand of nearby customers and receive their shopping lists. The more customers you have, the more your village will grow! Use your infrastructure to grow your business and reinvest your profits to become the most loved supermarket manager.

If you like farming and expanding your map, you will enjoy Supermarket Village! It’s a casual, easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be made to manage a supermarket with profitable results. Improve your status starting from a modest produce section and unlock visible progress in your premises. Transform your small business into the most friendly supermarket and make your village a happier place to be!

Main Features:

– Casual and strategic gameplay for every player
– More detailed management system
– Dozens of objects to be unlocked and upgraded
– Lots of characters and interactions
– Funny 3D graphics and great animations
– Manage a successful business
– A small living world in miniature